Mothers Precious Moments, LLC 3D/4D HD LIVE Cherished Memories Ultrasound Studio

                    Welcome to Mother’s Precious Moments LLC.
             2D/3D/4D HD LIVE 
          Cherished Memories Ultrasound Studio

       We provide an elective 2D/3D/4D  HD Live sonogram so you and your family can see in advance what    your baby looks like before it’s born. See details of your baby’s face, count fingers and toes, watch him/her                                                          stretch, yawn, smile, or even trying to suck on their thumb or toes.

                                                                    Want to know whether to buy Pink or Blue?

                                                 Start your babies photos early with Mother's Precious Moments.
                                                       Bringing, and your family you closer to your unborn child.
                                     We are  dedicated to bringing you and your family the very best bonding experience; 
                                                                                                one that will last for a lifetime. 

                                                       Your heart will melt as you glimpse your little precious one.
                                                                                   Now Open in  Los Cerritos Center Mall!                                              

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